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Al Liwan embodies the essence of the ‘Live, Work and Play’ lifestyle. Nestled within the neighborhoods of Hamala in Bahrain, the development is firmly connected to its context.

Derived from the deep-rooted Arabian culture, the name Al Liwan reflects cohesion, unity and getting together, as it signifies the yard located in the center of old homes in this region, where family members used to gather for feasts; this reflects the essence of Al Liwan project; providing a space to gather with a family atmosphere.

Surrounded by residential developments, schools and adjacent to transport links to greater Bahrain, Al Liwan will act as a focal point to the surrounding area for shopping, meeting and relaxing. A main Boulevard runs through the site connecting various uses of retail, restaurants, coffee shops and entertainment.

Parking is abundant and located evenly around the site. Street front promenades are pedestrian scale and have been landscaped to provide a green comfort zone between roads and buildings. Kinetic water features and dramatic lighting are used throughout the scheme to create a playful environment and enhance end users’ experiences.
The heart of the project is the Central Plaza, a spacious courtyard linked to all points of the development and designed for public gatherings and entertainment.

The site is located in Hamala, in the northern governorate of the Kingdom of Bahrain. The main road leading to Al Liwan is the Wali Al Ahd Highway which provides direct access to the plot. Al Liwan is designed as an outdoor mixed-use development with full access to vehicles, which makes it more of an urban development project with public landscaped spaces, all within a comfortable “village” family/friendly environment catering to all ages.


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Masterplan & Site Access

The masterplan has been developed with the concept of courtyards in mind, linking breezy spaces through a narrow permeable layout of low scale buildings.
The courtyards offer areas of relaxation and activity while providing shelter from the harsh region climate. The massing and orientation of the buildings enhances the protective quality of the external spaces, while improving pedestrian comfort through shading and natural ventilation. The development’s architecture, modern yet reflecting the low scale geometry and pattern of Bahraini style, is a series of deep overhangs, recesses and movable screen elements while the material palette is lightly colored to reflect the strong sun and reduce heat gain occupants.

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About Seef Properties

Seef Properties B.S.C. is a Bahrain-based public shareholding company engaged in the real estate investment, development and operation sector. It was established in 1999 by the Government of Bahrain.

The Company is specialised in developing and managing residential, commercial, leisure and recreational facilities.
The Company owns and manages several properties around Bahrain including Seef Malls, located in Seef District, Muharraq, and Isa Town, which are commercial shopping centres with retail outlets, restaurants, movie theaters and entertainment centres.
Attached to Seef Mall-Seef District are upscale Serviced Apartments, Fraser Suites which are owned by Seef Properties, and managed by Fraser Suites, a global hospitality brand.
Currently, Seef Properties together with Lama Real Estate W.L.L are developing an Urban lifestyle community project ‘Al Liwan’ in the Hamala Area, Kingdom of Bahrain.
The project is designed as an outdoor mixed-use development, with public landscaping spaces, all within a comfortable “village” family friendly environment catering to people of all ages.


Building: 2102
Road/Street: 1706
Seef District, 428


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