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Al Liwan embodies the essence of the ‘Live, Work and Play’ lifestyle. Nestled within the neighborhoods of Hamala in Bahrain, the development is firmly connected to its context.

Derived from the deep-rooted Arabian culture, the name Al Liwan reflects cohesion, unity and getting together, as it signifies the yard located in the centre of old homes in this region, where family members used to gather for feasts; this reflects the essence of Al Liwan; providing a space to gather with a family atmosphere.

Surrounded by residential developments, schools and adjacent to transport links to greater Bahrain, Al Liwan will act as a focal point to the surrounding area for shopping, meeting and relaxing. A main Boulevard runs through the site connecting various uses of retail, restaurants, coffee shops and entertainment.

Parking is abundant and located evenly around the site. Street front promenades are pedestrian scale and have been landscaped to provide a green comfort zone between roads and buildings. Kinetic water features and dramatic lighting are used throughout the scheme to create a playful environment and enhance end users’ experiences.

The heart of the project is the Central Plaza, a spacious courtyard linked to all points of the development and designed for public gatherings and entertainment.




Facts & Figures

120,000 m²



Retail Units

35,000 m²

Leaseable Area



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Property Location

Al Liwan is located in one of the most vital areas in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

The development was built in Hamala area in the Northern Governorate, the district with the highest population in the small gulf state. It is few kilometers away from the country’s only land boarder; The King Fahad Causeway, which connects it with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the greater GCC region and is accessible through the main roads and highways in Bahrain.

Al Liwan is in close vicinity of key government services, educational, health, retail, and recreational institutions.

Considering the location of Hamala, the seaside farmland, Al Liwan residents have access to fresh products from local markets daily, such as locally picked fruits and vegetables, fish and fresh cattle and poultry meat from the surrounding farms.

Who We Are

Seef Properties

The mixed-use ‘Al Liwan’ project represents a new dawn for the Kingdom of Bahrain’s retail sector. The 122,000 sqm development features a wide variety of restaurants, cafes and retail stores topped with 117 three-storey residential units that overlook stunning views.

Furthermore, the project is graced with large green spaces to give its visitors a unique opportunity to shop and enjoy matchless natural surroundings. Al Liwan development is designed to target the upper- and middle-class consumers, from Bahrain and the GCC, as it offers a bouquet of luxury retail stores combined with other facilities, such as Bahrain’s largest family entertainment centre, a state-of-the-art gymnasium, and a supermarket, in addition to restaurants and coffee shops, some of which are renowned brand names.

Seef Properties has developed this project to inspire Bahrain’s lifestyle and take it by storm. As a national company, Seef Properties contributes to boosting the national economy and promoting the tourism sector. This project will certainly help in creating jobs and will stand as a favourite destination for tourists coming into the Kingdom of Bahrain.