‘Sol Salon’; the Kingdom’s First Eco-Friendly Salon Opens First Branch at ‘Al Liwan’ in Hamala

Sol Salon, the innovative women’s beauty salon, has opened its first branch in the Kingdom at Al Liwan; one of the most promising projects developed by Seef Properties in Hamala area in the Northern Governorate.
Founded by Bahraini Entrepreneur Eman Al Kooheji, Sol Salon is the first eco-friendly salon in the Kingdom. It aims to redefine the concept of women’s beauty salons by steering it via a modern and innovative pattern, introducing the latest and renowned all natural and chemical free hair treatments, cosmetics and skin care products.
Additionally, Sol Salon provides manicure and pedicure services, using the latest technologies in the field, including state-of-the art devices and equipment. The salon also employs professional experts in skin, hair and facial care. The salon serves women of all age groups of Al Liwan’s residents and visitors in Hamala.
Moreover, and for the first time in the Kingdom, Sol Salon provides non-surgical facial cosmetic services, commonly known as Face Gym, utilising oxygen and other natural ingredients with a revolutionary technology to rejuvenate facial health and freshness, instead of facelifting and other traditional methods, such as Botox and other treatments.
On this occasion, Seef Properties Chief Executive Officer Mr. Ahmed Yusuf said: “We are honoured that Al Liwan was chosen by Sol Salon to host its first branch in the Kingdom, as this reflects Al Liwant’s contemporary features and facilities that continue to attract businesses and entrepreneurs with innovative ideas. Sol Salon will certainly become a landmark in Al Liwan, given its unique concept in the world of beauty care and cosmetics. We promise Al Liwan visitors to host more prestigious brands in the near future to become an ideal destination for those looking for entertainment and relaxation amid the rapidly accelerating pace of life.”

For her part, Sol Salon Founder Eman Al Kooheji commented: “We are all delighted with the opening of our first project in the field of eco-friendly beauty care. We extend our gratitude and appreciation to Seef Properties and those in charge of Al Liwan for the provided facilitation throughout our journey, from choosing the location of the branch, signing the lease agreement and the opening of our first ever branch in Bahrain. Thanks to our new concept in innovative beauty care and our strategic location in the heart of Al Liwan, we are certain that we will be able to gain a large customer base, while being keen to reveal the secrets of rejuvenating the skin, hair and face in a natural and healthy way, by utilising our expertise and qualified specialists to provide exceptional services for the first time in the Kingdom. Al Liwan will also host Sol Salon for men soon.”
Established by Seef Properties, Al Liwan embodies the heritage and traditions of the Kingdom of Bahrain through a contemporary style and vision, and this is reflected through its special design and wonderful features, with 136 stores and restaurants carefully selected to meet the needs and aspirations of every visitor.